Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update!!! Update!!! & more Updating!!!!!!!!!


Well life has been a roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. I moved up to San Jose because I wasn't finding a job in San Luis Obispo. I moved up here at the end of August and the weather was torcher for me it was so hot I was still hot after taking a cold shower. I was annoying but now that it is winter it is perfect weather for me everyone else thinks it is cold they are all in hats, gloves, and scarfs with heavy jackets I pretty much laugh cuz this is summer weather for me. I tell everyone that their summers are my torcher and their winters are my summers. I really hope that my body acclimates to hot weather sooner than later.

As for work I work at A1 care. I work with seniors in their homes one on one I really like it but I only work 12 hours a week. I really need more hours but I am surviving at least for now. Well I will try and do better and blogging it really has been a crazy life for me lately and I hope it calms down sooner than later.