Thursday, March 11, 2010

school for the school girl


I am way excited I am going after my dreams. I have always wanted to become a Registered Nerd oh I mean Nurse so there is a program here at West Med College that offers the Licensed Vocational Nurse or in other states it is Licensed Practical Nurse. So getting my LVN is one step closer to becoming an RN. Plus this is a year program that is accredited and I will be taking the boards after I am done. I feel really good about it cuz you know they are always short in LVN's and RN's. After my LVN I want to go after my Bachelors hopefully online. So wish me luck I will need it except for the A&P class this will be my 3rd time taking the class.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

blogging goal


My goal is to at least post once a week if not more I might not have pic's cuz my camera is not working or the fact that I don't know how to work the camera go figure...LOL Well I am excited i get to see Sherry and Dee and Bob at the end of the month. I am looking into going back to school to get my LVN or LPN in other states I am hoping to start sooner than later so wish me luck. Other than that all is good on my court.