Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay I went to Time Out for Women. I loved it. I was spiritually filled and was over flowing with the spirit. I really enjoyed spending time with other women listening to speakers such as Brad Wilcox, Sherry Dew, and many more. We were able to listen to the music and testimony of Hillary Weeks. I would encourage all women to go if T.O.F.W. is offered near where you live. It was very powerful and uplifting. I cannot say enough just go!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am sick

Okay I am sick of being sick. I got sick two weeks ago. The whole head cold but I can't afford to miss work cuz I don't have any sick leave. So I went home got a blessing and went to bed. I was feeling lots better. I then went down to Soldotna for Labor Day weekend and I got sick again. With ears, nose and throat thing going on. So I went to Freddy's to pick up some medicine. Well I was going to ask the pharmacist there what they would recommend taking. So I was waiting and there was this person that walked up to the counter where a worker was station just about to take me the customer but they were there just socializing so my patience ran thin and I left realizing that we have a pharmacist in our family. Ali, she knows everything about what to take when one gets sick. So I called and to my rescue I was able to get what I needed. Thank you Ali. So you would think it is all over. When I went back to work and opened the sudafed there was a pill that was already out of the package so I had to go back and ex-change the sudafed. Either way I do feel a lot better.