Thursday, January 8, 2009

Below Freezing


Okay we here in Anchorage Alaska are heading into our third week of sub zero weather. I mean -20's. Anchorage has not seen more less felt this type of cold weather in a long time. My car didn't start twice I finally installed a block heater and had to replace the spark plugs not that my car lost any spark at all but I also got a new battery. It should be running like new actually driving like new now. I tell myself hey I chose to live in Alaska I want to move to a warmer climate Houston here I come you might have a problem in a year lol. We shall see.

I hope everyone else is staying warm. I do my best but sometimes my best is not good enough lol. In face a co-worker asked if I even owned a winter coat. I asked them why you don't think I am warm with my sweatshirt, fleece jacket, scarf, wool hat and gloves plus sweats over my scrubs? I didn't think they did. But to my amazement I am pretty warm with just that. I do own a winters coat it is just frozen in the trunk of my car.


Stacey said...

I'm sorry it's been so cold there. It's cold here too, it was 37 two days in a row, the day before that it was 79. that was nice. I've heard anchorage has been -20 and fairbanks i hear -50!!! let this cold front pass!!!

Ryan said...

Yesterday it was 100. Today it was like 95 or so. We got a spare bedroom anytime you want to come and thaw out.