Friday, March 25, 2016

Weak things made strong

I was in class talking with a classmate and she and I were working on the  directed study together.  She pointed out something that helped me understand my attribute of Christ, of being humble.  I have just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, so I have tried to become humble and live life in the moment but have been struggling a bit this last month.  We were discussing Ether chapter twelve about how the Lord can give us weaknesses to help us become humble, not that cancer is a weakness, but we sometimes think our trials are our weaknesses.  Which some do turn into weaknesses if we let them.  But she was saying, “that she believes that the Lord gives us weaknesses that we may become humble and that what I am facing now will give me the strength to endure what lies ahead”.  As I sat there and listen the spirit touched my heart especially when she said that, “when you exercise your faith in the Lord and act upon it by using the ABC’s of the gospel, then will the Lord make the “weak things become strong”, as it says in verse twenty-seven.  I have found in my life that when I feel weak it is because I am lacking in doing one or more of the ABC’s of the gospel.  I should clarify what the ABC’s of the gospel are, I feel that they are faith, prayer, scripture study, tithing, partaking of the sacrament, keeping your covenants, enduring to the end.  Basically the ABC’s are the basic Doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So when I find myself in a place  where I am weak either emotionally, spiritually or even physically I re-evaluate my life and see where and what I am doing and what I am not doing that draws me closer to my Savior.  

You know we can have the faith of the Brother of Jared when we come before the Lord as he did.  We must be willing to accept His will, desire to do His will, and have the courage to follow through in applying it in our lives.  When we do find His will and accept it, follow it  we will find that  our faith will bring the “mountain of all righteousness” (vs. 28).  I know that in my life I am a lot happier when I humbly strive to accept, follow, and do His will than when I am compelled to do so or choose not to altogether.  The very last verse in Ether chapter twelve commends us to “seek this Jesus”.  So everything we do in our lives either helps us seek Him or draws us further away from Him.  It is our choice, that is what I love about the gospel, we can’t blame anyone else for our misery.  I love what Elder Robert. D. Hales states, “In the gospel of Jesus Christ, there comes a point in time, when we must stand accountable for who we are and what we are going to be”.  How true this statement is and once I figured this out my life changed and so will yours.  

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