Sunday, August 10, 2008


Okay I am not getting married but yesterday as I was taking breaks between cleaning I was watching movies....well for some odd reason I was inspired on how I want my wedding reception to be. I figured I would share and see if you had anything to offer.... first off it won't be in a church cuz I want lighted candles.. I want a large full moon hanging from the ceiling illuminated that really looks like a moon. I want stars ( x-mas lights) with black back ground so we can be inside but feel like we are outside. I want trees, rocks, and waterfalls surrounding the edges as if we were in the middle of Alaska. For table clothes I want cobalt blue and then a shear silver lining over , I am not sure about the center pieces, any suggestions?, but they will have candles. For some reason I am getting very excited about this new insight I received. I have always wanted to get married on the moon so why not bring the moon to my wedding....... I CAN'T WAIT!


Kristie said... just crack me up. Okay, here's my suggestion: when you get married, look at a calendar and figure out when there will be a full moon around the time you'd like to get married. Then get married on that day, have the reception outside at night.Just set the round tables up with some nice centerpieces...voila, you have your moonlit starry night (well maybe stars) and save alot of money!

That's just my idea though!

The Schooley's said...

Good job Laura! Glad to see you blogging. Loved them all so far! On a side note, we want to see the mummy just no time yet!!

Julie said...

Sounds like fun. I just want an invite. Julie Carlson